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The Genesis Secret - Tom Knox I was truly excited when I first heard about this one. What with the "I'm a sucker for christian/historical fiction" and all, it sounded like a logical thing for me to read and love it.Wrong.I hated it. And now I'm only sorry that no one will give me back those hours I've wasted. The impression is similar to my feelings towards "The Da Vinci Code". And, let me tell you, those are not happy feelings at all.I couldn't even put my finger on the "what went wrong" point. It started out just fine, but as it went on, I kept catching myself wondering what is this suppose to mean? Still have no idea what the answer should be.No, there's no need for the story to even sound plausible. That's not what this genre should be about. BUT, it must sound convincing. I need to feel dragged into the story and held captive til the end. If I keep stumbling on the not-gonna-happen moments, bad dialogues and terrible idea of guiding a reader through the plot... well, sorry.Another author I will not consider giving a chance to disappoint me again.