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Lip Service (Lone Star Sisters Series #2)

Lip Service - Susan Mallery Another "let's just hop in the middle of series and start reading" moment of mine.By the time I finished this, I knew for sure there's no way I'll read the rest of the series any time soon.I'm so annoyed. Skye is like a typical whining girl, that has no idea whatsoever how to stand up for herself. Even the end didn't convince me she's any better. Izzy is more or less the same. For that matter, all the characters seemed like they are missing a dimension.And, what's with the reason Skye left Mitch in the first place? I was waiting, and waiting, and waiting for her to say something about it, but no - he was never told. So, why mention it at all then?There are all the elements to make one hell of a story here. Reunion, villain, sex, family trouble, sex, other guy, child... and it all just came crashing down to dust.Oh, I'm sooooo annoyed.