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Love Virtually - Daniel Glattauer, Katharina Bielenberg, Jamie Bulloch First and foremost, regardless of its epistolary-e-mail-only form, this book is anything but boring. It's an easy, light read, and I enjoyed it immensely.Still, the English translation is much more appealing than the Serbian. The latter seemed too uptight, and made me roll eyes on more occasions than I care to count.Well, that's my fault. Since I'm sometimes struggling to remember a word in Serbian, and decided to include more non-English books in my repertoire, now I can only blame it on me.Anyway, this book definitely deserves five stars in the most realistic of all realistic books category. You'll find all the hopes, fears, longings, struggles, affections and obsessions of the cyber-world-meets-real-world here. There is no beautification whatsoever. Just two quite ordinary people, making a connection, deciding (not) to take it to the next level, and talking (writing) on every possible occasion. There's happiness. And sorrow. And, alcohol induced lust and tongue untying. A wish that a person you've come to know, in a strange but still intimate way, can live up to the image you've created. A dream that is so real, but still only a dream.Yes, the way they formulate sentences, and the expressions they often use (especially Leo), made them seem older, and not exactly spontaneous at the beginning, but once you get used to it, it's not that much of a problem.As I was finishing the book, I somehow ended up wanting the only thing I knew, from the very beginning, isn't there. A happy ending. And, not even happy in a "yeah, it didn't seem like it's coming, but here you go/and they lived happily ever after/happiest of all the happy endings this world ever saw. Just... one damn happy ending. Anything. So, for that reason, I'm oh so glad I'll read Every Seventh Wave tomorrow, and find out what Emmi and Leo are up to. Hopefully it's (as) good as can be.