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Alle sieben Wellen - Daniel Glattauer Love it. Even more than the previous one. Because... because it's that much more open, more appealing, more... more everything. And, although it's a sequel, this seems like a completely different story. New. Yes, there's Emmi. And Leo. Yes, they are (kind of) moving on. Yes, here's another roller coaster trip full of emotions, dreams, everything and anything you've been hoping for... and even more than that.And, yes, I disliked the ending of Gut gegen Nordwind, but it was for the best. And maybe, just maybe, this feels even better because of it. Now that I think about it... this was written by a man? Like, a real male man? Well, thank you Mr. Glattauer (twice) for making me believe there are still those Leo-kind-of guys out there. I needed that. And, wouldn't mind meeting one of them. Or, even better, e-mailing with one of them.I enjoyed reading this book. Really, truly, immensely enjoyed. Wouldn't change a single thing, not even one letter, about it. Everything was (is) just as it should be. Perfect.