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Seras-tu là?

Seras-tu là? - Guillaume Musso Oh, well... this is me PMSing and reading books that are utterly inappropriate for my present state of mind.I believe I cried my eyes out just now.What can I say? Couldn't resist it. There's something in Musso's books that draws me in, and makes me love him and hate him at the same time. Love him for his style, way of coming up with all these crazy, impossible ideas, and especially for making them seem so... real and plausible somehow. And, hate him for causing all these disturbing feelings, questions and ideas that come to my mind after reading his book.Okay, maybe you can scratch that last sentence. Just in case it's only my PMS speaking for me.This book left me feeling rather alarmed. But I loved it, regardless of that.Could it be easier going through life telling yourself - Perhaps you're not aware of it just yet, but this was the best option available? Or still, if it were possible, give it a shot and try messing with things a little, just in case...? I have no answer to that one.All I can say is this - if you are up for a story about love in it's purest, selfless form with a dash of SF/time travel and you don't mind crying (which is inevitable if this book gets to you in a good way), I strongly recommend it and do hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as I did.