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Rough Canvas (Nature of Desire, Book Six)

Rough Canvas - Joey W. Hill I've actually read this book some time ago, and then completely lost track of it somehow...That is, until I looked at the author's list, while adding If Wishes Were Horses, and realized that this was it. So - once again - thanks, Baba! :)Even if tried my best, I'm not sure I could do justice to this story. There are no words that could adequately explain, or conjure up all there is to it. You simply have to read it.It is intense. And, I mean so intense it gives a new meaning to intense.It is rough. No euphemisms. No painting things lightly. Rough and without excuses.It is emotional. Very much so, if I may add. And in a way that grabs you, sucks you in and holds you there.It makes you hot, bothered and leaves you pretty shaken. In a very, very good way.It is about love and acceptance, while at the same time it is so explicit and erotic that I hope you won't faint while you're at it.It is all that and it is, by far, one of the best books I've read. Ever.