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Lady Luck (Colorado Mountain, #3) - Kristen Ashley "He stared down at me with his beautiful but blank eyes and my only thought was that he surely could lift one of his big fists and pound me straight through the asphalt with one blow to the top of my head."Comforting... If I may notice. LOL!And, that's the moment I realized this is yet another book I'll adore.Particularly after this:“You obviously know Shift.”“Unfortunately,” he answered and this surprised me. First, it indicated we had something in common. Second, it was a five syllable word...Oh, how I love Kristen Ashley. Her style, all the details she mentions, the way images just flash in front of your eyes while you're reading... Love it!Needless to say how much I love this book, too. It's kind of a mind blowing ride. A genuine roller coaster of emotions, events... life.Lexie is such a great heroine. She's smart, independent, devoted to her loved ones... and she's (and that was the cutest thing of all) a total goof!Ty is... the one I had a lot of trouble with. I was awed at first, in love later, then mad as hell, and finally (as should be expected) dazed by him. Yes, he's crass. A guy with a lot of issues, though that part should be considered as default, if you just look at everything he's been through. Nevertheless, he can call me mama anytime. And, the two of them together... perfection! Hot sex, great dialogues, witty, smart, emotional... you name it!Switching POV's was another thing I was rather fond of. It's nice knowing both sides, seeing things through his and her eyes, and watching them both come to terms with "them". Oh, yes, I'm considering Tate's part here as a pure bonus. Still hot. Still great. True Captain! There are so many memorable moments here. That nightmare/dream talk almost gave me a heart attack! And, Ty and Tate talk was kind of touching...okay, more than kind of. Big time touching.I've tried, as much as I could, to steer clear of the ones mentioned so many times (but, I oh so love them all), and pick a couple of new ones. Only because I realized it's the best possible way to show why I loved this book so much, and what a treasure it is.Ty - officially fu*ked - thing:"But that night, he fell asleep thinking it was whacked, fucking insane but it was true. He didn’t mind doing that time when doing it meant he would walk out to Lexie."The scar thing:"She saw no miracle at work in that scar and she touched it like she could make it go away then, when her thumb moved and it hadn’t disappeared, the specter of disappointment that she hadn’t succeeded in erasing the physical manifestation of this memory shadowed her face before she fought it back. He watched that specter glide through and disappear."The day-before thing:Ty - "And from her leaving him to go to the bathroom to Walker falling asleep, not once did he think of the bars, of the smells or of the feel of the institution. All that shit was gone in a way he didn’t even notice that it was. And it was unfortunate he didn’t notice because, if he did, he’d have realized Lexie gave that to him too. And if he’d realized this, the next day he wouldn’t have done what he would do."Lexie - "If I’d have known what was going to happen that night, I would have taken my chance to watch him go. I would have made him kiss me longer. I would have tried to make him laugh one more time. But I didn’t know. And since I didn’t know, I, too, turned and walked away."The "My Ty" thing:"Christ. Fuck. Christ. Two words. Just two words. Walker had no clue until that moment that two words could mean so fucking much. He'd never belonged to anyone. He'd never belonged anywhere. Never thought he wanted to. Until he heard those two words."The dream/nightmare thing (couldn't resist it):"Your nightmare, mama, was my dream." My heart clenched. He kept going. "Never had a home until you gave me one." My breath started sticking. "Never had anyone give to me the way you gave to me." My breath stopped sticking and clogged. "Never thought of findin' a woman who I wanted to have my baby." Oh God. "Never had light in my life, never, not once, I lived wild but I didn't burn bright until you shined your light on me." Oh God. "Whacked, fuckin' insane, but, at night, you curled in front of me, didn't mind I did that time that wasn't mine 'cause it meant I walked out to you." He had to stop. He had to. He didn't. "Your nightmare," he whispered, turned his head and against my neck he finished, "my dream."The Ty and Tate thing (again):“Tate fell silent. Ty didn't. "Since the day I was released, you knocked yourself out. You had my back, you took care of Lexie when we had our thing then you did what you could to help me sort that. It's important to me that you know I'm grateful. I've been tryin' to figure out how I can show how much but, keep thinkin' on it, nothin' comes to mind and I know why. I get it. You're a man who has everything so there is nothing I can hand you that you want or need. And I get that because I am now that same man. So the only thing I can give you are words and, my guess is, that'll be enough. If it isn't, you name it and it's yours." "Friends do what I did for friends," Tate returned. "No they don't, Tate. You did what you did for me because you're you. That's what I'm talkin' about." Tate ws silent a moment then he said, "Well then, you guessed right. Words are enough." Ty nodded. Tate tipped his head to the side and asked jokingly, "We done with the near-midnight in the middle of fuckin' nowhere heart-to-heart?" Ty didn't feel like joking and answered, "No." "Then what -?" "Love you, man," Ty interrupted quietly. "Learned the hard way not to delay in expressing that sentiment so I'm not gonna delay. You call me brother and I got one who's blood who don't mean shit to me and today, all this shit done, rejoicing and reflecting, it hit me that I got two who aren't blood but who do mean something. And you're one of those two." "Ty-" Tate murmured. "I will never forget, until I die, what you did for me and my wife and until that day I will never stop bein' grateful." "Fuck man," Tate whispered. "Now, do those words work so you get what you did mean to me?" Silence then, "Yeah, they work." "Good, then now we're done with our near-midnight, middle of fuckin' nowhere heart-to-heart," Ty declared, turned, opened the door to the Viper and started folding in. He stopped with his ass nearly to the seat and looked up over the door when Tate called his name. "I don't have a blood brother," Tate said. "But you should know there's a reason I call you that." Ty nodded. But Tate didn’t need to tell him that. He already knew. His actions said it all.”The Team Walker thing:“This is it, Team Walker, you and me. We want somethin’, we find a way to get it. We hit a rough patch, we find a way to get over it. We face a challenge, we find a way to beat it. It’s good, we savor it. What I’m sayin’ is, this team is a winner. We never forget to celebrate the victories and we get a lotta those because we never admit defeat.”Get it?Read it!