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Liberating Lacey - Anne Calhoun What a perfect story!I love older woman/younger man theme.Not Mrs. Robinson kind, though. Just so we're clear.Despite the fact that this book definitely belongs to erotica genre, it's not as limited (emotionally or romantically) as most of the books in that genre are. It has a certain depth, characters are amazing, and there's actually a story going on, that's as important and carefully done as all the steaming hot sex scenes. That's rare.Simply put - I was hooked. It was sort of "You had me at Like what you see?" moment for me.Scene after scene, and page after page, it was only getting better and better.I loved both Lacey and Hunter. They are amazing together. Their thoughts, the way they develop a relationship, their dancing around each other, the new ground they both find themselves on, the beautiful thing, all the sharing of the firsts...And, oh my, all those hot, steaming hot, scenes. I love them all. Their dance, parking lot scene, dessert now scene, the step-by-step BJ instructions (I know, I know... fellatio is PC expression), "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" scene, the back seat scene, the rain scene, the restaurant bathroom scene, the bad cop scene... Have I missed something?What I really loved were the last two chapters. So emotional, so good, so... everything.What I needed (and the only thing I didn't get here) is... yes, an epilogue! Any kind. Just so I can see a little something more of them together.But... that's not something that'll stop me from rereading this one. Today. :)