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At Peace (The 'Burg, #2)

At Peace (The 'Burg, #2) - Kristen Ashley I love Joe!Can I say it again?I LOVE Joe!Okay, so he's not on his best behavior at the beginning... hell, he's not on anyone's best behavior at the beginning, but still. I love this guy (there, I said it again)!The reason I'm writing this now is the same reason I wanted to bang my head against the wall... repeatedly. So, here goes (spoilers ahead, beware!)...Violet, honey, you're a grown-up (or you should be, at least, it's not like you're ten or something).You're a single mother of two teenage daughters.You're a widow, for crying out loud!You find yourself having wild sex with a hunk like Joe, who wants to claim you and your kids? Go for it!You find another hot guy? Make up your damn mind! Don't act like you need to have your brain examined!Messing up with two hot guys? At the same time???Well, news flash for you, buddy! Both fellatio and cunnilingus are referred to as oral sex! Yep, you've got that right! SEX!Having sex with TWO guys in ONE day??? Mother of teenage daughters, hello!I mean, if my man (if I had one, to start with, and especially if that one was like Joe) would come to me and say "Oh, yeah, we were kind of fooling around, but don't worry, we didn't have sex, it was just a BJ.", I'd probably be like "No problem, sweetie, and don't you worry, this won't hurt a bit, it'll just be messy with your blood all over the place!".Get it?Get a grip, woman!