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Flat-Out Sexy - Erin McCarthy I have to admit - this was quite a surprise!My expectations were fairly low, and I was only hoping it won't turn out to be yet another "detached", don't-go-there experience. I'm happy to say I enjoyed this book, and I'll definitely go back to this series. Can't wait!If you're looking for a story that's easy, fun, angst-free, emotionally satisfying and has a happy ending - be sure to check this one.The main characters are great. Elec is such a sweetie. He's far from Alpha male, but you can't not love him. Although he's only 26, and six years younger than Tamara, he's so caring, loving, considerate,and surprisingly mature. The way he is around Tamara (not to mention how hot their sex is), soothing and convincing her to give him a chance... the way he is around her kids, making sure they are comfortable and not stepping over the line... He's a guy to wish for!Tamara is the one with issues here, but she has valid reasons for those. She's a widow, already lost a husband in a car crash, not sure if she can go through that risk again, and trying to make the best decision for her kids. I loved the way she let Elec convince her to let him in their lives.As for the side characters - well, there's a bundle of fun!Suzanne and Ryder will get back together, right?And, what's with Ty and brain-missing Nikki person? Ty'll end up with Imogen, though, right?Never mind me... just chatting with myself!But, do read this. It's great!