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Wicked Game - Mercy Celeste Um... so, this didn't start too well.The heroine is sarcastic and angry, because... hm. And the hero is... because...Skimming, skimming, sex scene.Okay, what??Whoa!Right now, this feels like it needs another dimension. In a very bad way.And, since my OCD will most definitely not let me just leave it unfinished, I'll give it a rest for... indefinite amount of time, 'til I'm able to give it a chance.Hopefully, it'll turn out to be good.Or at least bearable.* review update *So, my OCD kind of pushed me to finish this, aaaaaand...It doesn't get any better. Unfortunately. I guess it's just one of those "everyone likes it but me" things. And one of those "detached" things (yep, again).I simply couldn't warm up toward characters. It didn't feel right. I have no idea what the point's suppose to be.On the one hand, there are some rather unnecessary additions to the story that seemed kind of out of place here.On the other hand, it seemed to me that this story has a hard enough time holding itself together without any additional elements to cause confusion.What's the motivation?Where are the emotions?What moves these people?I'm utterly confused, and left hanging with all the questions and no answers. None whatsoever.Too bad.