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Yes, Justin (Safe Word: Oasis, #1)

Yes, Justin (Safe Word: Oasis, #1) - Michele Zurlo I'm really sorry I can't give this story a better rating.The premise is great. Trish and Justin have been married for fifteen years. They have two kids, and a seriously troubled relationship. They hardly communicate, romance is nowhere in sight, and their sex life is non-existent.So, is it any wonder that, once she received an emailed ad from Oasis (an adult fantasy fulfillment service), Trish decided to grab the opportunity of a fantasy-come-true weekend? She wants a stranger to kidnap her, and make her submit. She needs a Dom. Someone who looks like her husband, if possible. And, that's what she's about to get... more or less.What Trish doesn't know is that Oasis contacted Justin, showed him her wishes, and offered to train him to become the Dom his wife needs.That is what she'll find out once the fantasy weekend starts.This is, actually, pretty mild BDSM story. Nothing edgy, dark or too intense. It's a short read, but I loved the idea immensely.The problem is - I couldn't connect to the characters. At all. For me, something is missing here.Maybe it's the fact that I wasn't sure about Justin being a Dom from the beginning (although he's done a fairly good job)? Or was I expecting too much out of a short story?If only it went beyond their weekend together, maybe there would be another side of it that would help holding it all together?I have no idea... this is (imo) an average, short, nice read, but nothing more than that.