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Hot Ink - Ranae Rose Me after reading the blurb:Me after finishing this book:But, let's go back to the very beginning...Hot Ink is a (too) short, (kind of) cute read. It is (partly) about ink. What it's not (imo, at least) is hot.It started off just fine, though. Mina is in the "Hot Ink" tattoo shop, in the middle of her session with Eric. She's in pain, he's hot... damn, I'd swoon if I were her. Black hair. Blue eyes. Have I mentioned hot? Great beginning!Anyway, Mina's friend Karen is keeping her company, and - since she's a photographer - suggests taking some photos of Mina's tattoo once it's done. During the second photo shoot, Eric shows up, they end up posing together for Hot Ink ads, and... as the saying goes - the rest is history.Well, not exactly.Mina is twenty four, works as a bank teller, considers herself boring and feels too old for her age. She's also a legal guardian of her fourteen year old sister Jess, who's in a wheelchair.Eric is... let's get back to that later.Actually, now's the perfect time for the likes/dislikes list of mine. So...What I liked about Hot Ink* Jess - her character is awesome. She's not a whiny teenager, angry with the whole world because of her disability. She's not even shoved aside and only mentioned from time to time. Jess is real. A true fighter, an amazing girl and such a great addition to the story.* Eric - he's a great guy. He's hot. He's got awesome tattoos. He's... too good to be true.* I finished the book in about two hours (wait, maybe this should go in the "dislikes"?).What I disliked about Hot Ink* Mina - sadly. Don't get me wrong, she's great. Considerate, devoted sister. Good friend. Compassionate soul. But...It's all about her. Her POV. Her struggle. Her thoughts. Guys don't stick around once they find out Jess is her priority, and she doesn't have time for a relationship. Eric will be the same. Once she tells him that, he'll never call again. Wait, maybe he doesn't want a relationship. Maybe he thinks she's easy and just wants a one night stand. Wait... no, he's still there. Maybe once she explains...Assume. Assume. Assume.* Eric - as much as I did like him, he's more of a side character here. We never get to really know him. There are some bits and pieces, but definitely not enough, and definitely not what you'd expect to find in a hero of a story.* The story is slow paced, and I liked that part. What I didn't like about it came when I was around 70% mark. Eric and Mina were making out and... clit and pussy were mentioned for the very first time. I was okay with that, but then it was all about clit and pussy for the next several pages, and I was like . Is this the same story??? It just felt weird.* Since it's a short read, there's the first full sex scene at around 90%. It's over, I turn a page and - 4 months later.Even that (kind of) epilogue just managed to give me a toothache. It's too sweet, and feels like it's all "Yes, dear, whatever you like, we will never disagree or (God forbid) fight, ever".Man, I miss those badass hunks sometimes.So, there you go. You should read it, maybe you'll even enjoy it...Unfortunately, it's not what I was hoping for, and it's definitely not something that could make me jump for joy.