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Ranch Hand - Alla Kar Buddy read with Shelly, Blacky, Vishous & Glass!Seriously - there's no better way to say it!Okay, now for the review...This is quite a short read. Short as in 'it took me two hours to finish it'. And, as you may already know, I have a sort of love/hate relationship with short books. I love to read them from time to time, and then I keep saying I'll never do it again, because I need enough room for development (and a nice long-ish HEA) that's so not gonna fit in there... and it goes on and on and on.Aside from being short, it's also quite tame - not YA tame, just tamer than my (our) usual reads. But, we are pervs, so don't let that sway you from this one.What this book is most definitely NOT is epic. And, just in case you're wondering, I mean it in a very, very good way!The story goes like this - Bridget left Texas when she was 18, and moved to NY. She's 25 now, has a great job, hot-shot-lawyer fiance, and she's coming home for the first time because her grandfather is ill. The problem is, there's someone else waiting for her there - Levi, a seriously hot cowboy, and the guy she left behind all those years ago. But, hey, she's engaged, loves her fiance, and they're not in high school anymore. So, no problem there, right? Right...This would have been a really cute (kinda predictable), entertaining little read, if it weren't for one thing -> Bridget. That girl annoyed the hell out of me!I mean, come on! She's the ultimate high school 25-going-on-15 drama queen! In her perfect little world, she'd get married, but still get to somehow keep Levi too, so no way would he be allowed to have a girlfriend, and the most important thing of all - she wouldn't have to make a single decision in her life. Oh, wait... that almost happened anyway!Gah! At some point, it really became too much for me. All that no, no, no, I shouldn't and I can't and Oh, daddy, he told me to grow up!... News flash? YOU SHOULD!Anyway, thanks to the predictable part I mentioned earlier, she *gasp* finally *gasp* managed to make the (right) decision. *round of applause*Ring the damn curtain down, before she changes her mind again!Oh, and, for a fine cowboy pic... well, I thought this one would be perfect Levi (thanks Jillian)!