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Too Close - Elizabeth Krall What would you do if you found out the person you're about to marry might be your half-brother? How would you feel? Do you think the relationship would survive those doubts, tough time, the pressure – even if it's not true? Would you fight for your love? Or would you run the other way? Is it the greatest taboo for you too?Are you intrigued yet?Greg and Nicola met at a bar, where everyone from work goes for a drink on Friday nights. Although Greg was attracted to Nicola immediately, he was told she doesn't go out with her colleagues, ever since her ex-boyfriend cheated on her with her boss. Still, Greg is determined to change her mind, and what starts off as a friendship soon turns into a relationship. Six months later, they become engaged. It does seem a bit rushed, but they are great together, love each other, so why wait?Three weeks before the wedding, it's time for Nicola to meet Greg's family. Everything is going great, but once she tells them she's adopted, things suddenly become a lot more complicated. Greg's mother Mona shares secrets from her past, that are about to rock their world. Could Nicola really be Mona's daughter? Yes, she's the right age. Yes, they look alike, and many people even thought Nicola and Greg are siblings. But that still doesn't mean anything, right? Or wrong? They have two weeks, until the DNA test results arrive, to find out.The theme of this book is both refreshing and disturbing. You can't help but wonder – how would you react, what would you do... what will happen to them? What started off as a light and cute romance, turned into a gripping pageturner and made me finish the story in one sitting.I liked both Greg and Nicola. Their love was so obvious, which made their fights, struggle to cope with the situation, and the effect it had on them and their families and friends, even harder. Ms. Krall did an amazing job portraying the characters. Such a sensitive topic may have been too much to deal with, but it somehow never felt wrong. I just kept hoping there's a way for them to stay together, no matter what.If you're looking for a not-so-typical romance, don't miss this book. Too Close is an incredible story that will make you question a lot of things, none of which will feel wrong all of a sudden. Because that's what true love is supposed to be about, right? It should conquer all.