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Fire Horse - Mickie B. Ashling This book... This DAMN book!By the time I finished reading, it was 4 am, I was wide awake and literally bawling my eyes out! But, boy, was it worth it!There's no way I'll manage to write a proper review now, or even begin to explain how incredible, powerful, all-consuming... beautiful it is.I loved Preston's voice. I fell in love with him and Kon so easily. They made me laugh, cry, smile... they made me want to shake some sense into them, and somehow help them. Somehow...So many frustrating, heartbreaking moments, so many years, so many dreams, nightmares... so much love.Honestly, at one point, I had no idea where this story is heading. But, once it became clear - Oh. My. God! Just... perfect!Thank you, Monique, for sending this book my way! Love ya! ♥