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Kat Fight - Dina Silver Kat's boyfriend of four years has been avoiding her. Busy at work, cancelling their dates, not showing up... After all the time they've spent together, Kat's thinking about marriage. Marc's... obviously not. So, Kat decides to show him he should appreciate what he has. She thinks they should either go back to how things were at the beginning, or break up. After another no-show, and a not-so-pleasant phone conversation, she breaks up with him. That should teach him,right? But, Marc seems just fine with that. Now what?Move on? Enter Julie, Kat's friend, who sets her up on a blind date. Double date, actually. Let's just say that didn't go so well. But, a couple of weeks later, Julie's date Ryan asks Kat out. He's not seeing Julie anymore (though, she doesn't seem to agree with that), and now that he's working with Kat maybe they could just... explore things a bit. You know? Anyway, Ryan's a great guy, Marc's not calling, so why not? Everything should work out just fine... or not so fine. But, we all sure do need a bit of angst in our lives.So, what's gonna happen there? Will Kat manage to just move on after four years? Will Marc break the radio silence? Will Kat forgive, forget and take him back? What's Julie gonna say when she finds out about Kat and Ryan? Questions, questions... You'll have to read Kat Fight and see for yourself!And, you really should read it. It's a perfect chick lit. Witty, cute, with many embarrassing moments that are so funny when they're not happening to you (okay, mostly even then), a bit of angst, and twists and turns that will make your head spin.Kat's hilarious! I loved her, though the girl does tend to get confused and all over the place. Not that I blame her. At all. Ryan's the guy I'd gladly date - even if he couldn't cook. And, you'll adore Adam - he's the best gay BFF coworker ever. Not to mention he's the guy every girl needs in her life. Both as a constant source of entertainment, and a shoulder to lean on.Overall, I enjoyed reading Kat Fight, and highly recommend it, if you're looking for a light romance/comedy. The characters are great (and real), it will most definitely lift your mood, and make you chuckle (and even laugh out loud) often while reading it. You probably shouldn't start late at night, as I'm not sure you'll be able to put it down in the middle of the story. But, other than that, you can't not like it. Oh, and the fact it's (even loosely) based on real life makes it even sweeter in my humble opinion.*** Copy kindly provided by the Author, in exchange for an honest review ***