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Trouble in the Making - Lissa Matthews Johnny and Liz have known each other since high school. But, they weren't in touch, and met again at the high school reunion twenty years later. One kiss, and five years of talking, chatting, emailing bring them where they are now. And they are about to fulfill one particular fantasy. It's suppose to be just one-weekend-stand... like that ever actually worked!Trouble in the Making is a short, hot read. It's got all the right elements - friends to lovers theme; hot, long-haired, tattooed rock star; a bit shy, Plain Jane type of heroine... and they are both over 40! That was my favorite part!Maybe it's me... maybe I just wasn't in the right mood at the time, but... Despite all things mentioned, that sound really awesome, it kinda felt just too... average, I guess. I kept thinking there's something missing. Something that would help this story be way better.Well, it's still great, if you're up for a light, hot one!