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Prince of Dreams - Lisa Kleypas

As I was reading Midnight Angel, Nikolas really got my attention. He's dark, tortured, disturbing kind of character - not exactly what you'd hope to find in a romance.But, there is a reason - quite a good one, if I may add. After suffering through that amount of physical and emotional torture, there's no other way around it. Nikolas is what would probably be best to refer as damaged goods. The only question, that arises in each and every similar occasion, is - is he beyond repair? Or is there still a way for him to make it through?


Maybe I'm just a sucker for those poor unfortunate souls. If you look at it that way, I never stood a chance when it came to Nikolas' story. And, oh boy, is this one intense story.

If you're looking for your regular dose of romance, or a regular dose of Lisa Kleypas for that matter - think twice about this.


This is not a light romance.

This is not even an ordinary Kleypas romance thing.

It is much darker, much more disturbing, much better look in the soul of a man that is scarred inside and out. You can hate him, and think rather low of him, or you'll understand and love the man he came to be. No middle ground. No mild feelings.Yes, Kleypas did a superb job on this one, and yes - it is worth your time. Just wait til you're in a mood for one intense read.


Minus one star goes for one thing that really bothered me, and that I still find unnecessary - cheating. I don't see how that had such a significance for the development of the story, that it couldn't simply be left out. And, I don't feel good when the story involves an adultery theme at all.