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A Mackenzie Family Christmas: The Perfect Gift

Mackenzie Family Christmas: The Perfect Gift (Highland Pleasures, #4.5) -  Jennifer Ashley

Oh, wow! This truly is the perfect gift!


It's December 1884, and the Mackenzie family gathers at the Kilmorgan Castle for the holidays

.And, when I say "family" I mean the whole family! Ian and Beth, Mac and Isabella, Cameron and Ainsley, Hart and Eleanor, Daniel, David Fleming, Ainsley's brothers, Eleanor's father, Isabella's mother and sister, Lloyd Fellows, plus all the children and dogs. Let's not forget those dogs.


I've enjoyed reading this novella immensely. Seeing the Mackenzies together, and dysfunctional as ever, is just... precious. Not to mention it's anything but boring.

Beth broke Ian's new Ming bowl, a child goes missing, there's one blackmail about to happen, a boxing match is organized, Hart Alec Graham Mackenzie is born... and there are some awesome presents exchanged.


It's lovely, emotional, romantic, witty... it's an amazing glimpse into the collective happily ever after for one of the most interesting families I've ever read about.


David blinked. "Praise from Hart Mackenzie? I must make a note in my diary."

"Kiss my fundament," Hart said dryly.


Read it! You know you wanna!