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The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie (Leisure Historical Romance)

The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie -  Jennifer Ashley I'm a bit overwhelmed right now... Love it. Really love it.The thing is I read Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage before this, and although it was... well, ok. if nothing more (a bit boring at times, to be honest), what kept coming back to me all through the book was - what's with Ian? Come on, I want to know. He's sooooo perfectly mad, strange, wonderful... everything.And then I figured this was it. His story. And, yes, Ian is all that and more. One of the most authentic characters ever. I loved him so much. His madness - true madness for a change, not some non resolved issues that keep coming back for no reason - and his thoughts that are so consuming, and above all his way of bluntly stating his intentions and thoughts... Yes, I really love the guy.And Beth is so wonderful, it just makes perfect sense for those two to come together.Now, Cam seems like an interesting story himself. And Hart... what's with Hart? I hate him right now, but I'm afraid I'll love him at some point. It's usually the way it goes...