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I've Got Your Number - Ok, so I'm not a big fan of Shopaholic series. It was easy, funny read, but I wouldn't go back to those. As for Can You Keep a Secret?, I liked it so much better, and this one (I was hoping) was suppose to be somewhere close to that.Well, it is. It's a classic Kinsella, so if you liked her so far, you'll probably like this as well. And, you'll probably wish to yell STOP at least once per page, but there's no surprise. Poppy is everything you expect of a Kinsella lead and more. There is trouble, then there is so much more trouble while she's trying to get herself out of that first one... it's kind of a déjà vu reading with a twist.There are some weak spots, but all in all I'll give it a four, because it made me laugh quite a lot, and because I really liked Poppy and Sam.