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Secret History (Vintage Contemporaries)

The Secret History - Donna Tartt One of my all time favorites, and a book that really left me kind of mesmerized.You open it, start reading, and at the very beginning find out what you'd usually have to wait for 'til the very end. So, you know who did it, and what was done. But, you just keep reading to figure out how's and why's that are missing.This style and pace will transfer you to a whole new world, and make you lose yourself in those guys no matter how weird, uniquely non-functional they seem to be.Let me just say this is without a doubt worth the time you'll spend, and it leaves a lasting impression. Oh, and there's an ending I wasn't quite expecting. Not that it was bad, actually seems rather natural once you think about it.So, make yourselves comfortable, and keep your mind open for... well, anything.