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The Many Sins of Lord Cameron (Highland Pleasures Series #3)

The Many Sins of Lord Cameron - Jennifer Ashley Cameron was somewhat a mystery, and when mentioned in the previous books, there were only glimpses of the scarred, tortured man he is. It seemed like a story worth reading, and it truly is.Lord Cameron Mackenzie is the black sheep of the family. And, that says a lot when you look at the rest of them. There are rumors that say he killed his first wife. There is an impression he only loves (first and foremost) his horses and his women.And, then there's Ainsley.They are quite a match, those two, and it was obvious right from the start how good they are for each other.Cameron is a lovable character (or that's the motherly thing that makes you want to "mend" him), and I truly enjoyed his story.But...Each and every time there was a mention of Ian around, I couldn't help but feel the need to read more about him - again. So, I guess he steals the show, and makes Cameron second-best. Excellent second-best, but still... Then there's Hart, and I can't wait to see what happens with him. He was a guy you love to hate, and now I'm certain he will be a guy I'll love to love. Damn.