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The Trophy Husband - Lynne Graham It took about ten pages (or less) to convince me this is not something that can work for me. Why, for the love of God, have I decided to unleash my inner masochist, and finish it, I have no idea.So, she found her fiance in bed with her cousin. Her boss is suddenly on out of character behavior. They have sex. She had no idea she'll like sex that much. Seems like she's the only one that didn't figure her boss has a thing for her (well, sex thing, but still). They get married. Her cousin marries her ex fiance. There's a whole lot of mess coming up. And, naturally, a happy ending for everyone.I wish I knew what put me off this much in the first place. I guess it has something to do with "yeah, right" and "like that would happen ever" comments that I had at least once per page. It all just seemed non convincing, and forced, and... let's just say Lynne Graham has some much better characters in store.