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A Perfect Marriage (Silhouette Intimate Moments, #621) - Laurey Bright It's kind of hard deciding what to make of this.Not what you'd expect to find when you reach for a romance, that's for sure.I had trouble coming to terms with this amount of reality in what I'd thought to be another "they have kind of a rocky marriage-she gets pregnant-happy ever after" book.Max and Celine had known each other since they were kids. His fiancee died, she had some bad experience in love herself, and at one point they decide to marry each other not hoping to find love, but kind of respect/friendship relationship.Twelve years later, their marriage is in serious trouble. Max is in love (sort of) with another woman, and he wants to end it with Celine. If you want a label, it should say "middle age crisis at its finest". There's some serious reality check there.Anyway, from that point on, they are on some sort of a roller coaster ride, with all the lust/habit/confusion parts involved.And, yep, a happy ever after.I am not a fan of adultery theme, primarily because I'd never forgive or forget it.But, if nothing else, for not being another no-surprise book in the stock, I'll stick to a higher rating.