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Naked in Death - J.D. Robb OMG!I just wanna cry now. Only for a little while.I've postponed reading In Death series for so long, it seemed like I'll never actually give it a try. And, look how much I'd miss if that were the case.Since I've been in and out of love with NR books in the meantime, guess I was kind of afraid what I'll find here. Well, to be precise, I was afraid this will turn out to be... mildly amusing, if anything. Not to mention the possibility of a turn-off.This is one extra reason why I cannot in a million years (or until 2058. at least) adequately express all the thrill, joy and amusement this book brought me. It's excellent. Beyond any expectations. I love the mystery, I'm overwhelmed by the romance, and more than ready to move on to next book in the series. Right about now. Yeah, it's quite a challenge, since there are 30+ next-book-in-the-series parts, but I don't mind at the moment. It actually makes me really happy.Oh.. did I mention Roarke is (pardon my French) hot as f***?