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Slightly Dangerous - Mary Balogh Oh, how I love this book.It was my first Bedwyn and my first Balogh ever. Love at first read, without a doubt.Now, after I've finished the Bedwyn Saga and most of Ms. Balogh's books, it's still one of my favorites.Wulf is quite an intimidating figure. Works great for me, seeing how cold, distant, undisturbed he seems. Obviously, I have a thing for that. But, then again, there is something about him that makes you want to... mess up his necktie.Since this was my first encounter with the Bedwyn's, they seemed like an admirable, but frightening, crowd. And, it wasn't all that easy jumping right in, and keeping track of who is who.I suppose my point of view, when it comes to Wulf, is kind of warped. Those of you who read this series in order (will) have a bit (a lot) different impression. Since I re-read this, as the final chapter of an excellent series, I couldn't help but appreciate it even more. I'd hate Wulf, if I hadn't met him like this first. I'd hate him for a long time, and hate him as much as I loved Christine from the start.I'm amazed how Wulf's falling in love turned out to be so perfectly executed. He didn't become some mushy, changed from the core, unrecognizable man. He stayed exactly the same, but still he opened up enough and you get to see that he is an ordinary flesh-and-blood human, after all.Christine is, on the other hand, sometimes too flesh and blood human - in a warm, clumsy, appealing way. And she is just perfect for Wolf, though it seemed at the very beginning they couldn't be more wrong for each other. I'm glad she got to have a HEA, and I'm more than glad that Wolf got to be with someone who knows how to bypass his Duke of Bewcastle act.This truly is one absolutely perfect book.