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The Duke's Perfect Wife (Highland Pleasures, #4)

The Duke's Perfect Wife (Highland Pleasures, #4) - Jennifer Ashley When a girl meets a man and falls in love, there's usually not a happy ever after on the horizon. He's already feeling all grown up, responsible and almighty, and she simply cannot keep up with that. Ten years later, the power is balanced quite differently. And, you expect to see two (more or less) equally strong individuals, fighting through the second time around.Which is, basically, what made this story such a treat. Ten years, and the great Hart Mackenzie still feels she's the one.Eleanor Ramsay. Strong, stubborn, independent, babbling creature. The only one.Tell her everything.No, to be honest, this is not what I imagined Hart's story will be like. It's much more in some ways. And it's much less at the same time.About the "less" part - since this is not erotica, I suppose there was no way for Ms. Ashley to truly explore Hart's... preferences, let's say. It's obvious he's a dominant. In every way. So, why stick with this... meek, controlled picture? That's definitely not what I thought will happen. As a fine way to balance the lack of hot, steamy, out-of-control sex, there's sensuality that seems almost overpowering. And I loved it. But... there's more.My dearest El, ...The letter broke my heart. It did. Seeing the great Duke of Kilmorgan, in such a painful moment, writing a full confession to the only girl that he knew will understand - the only girl he, regardless of what happened between them, truly trusted - well, that alone made this book damn worth the time.I do love Hart. Circumstances, and his ever present need to protect his family no matter what, made him the way he is. But, once everything is revealed, it's quite clear that there's a man worth loving under all those layers of control freak dukedom.You and me, El. We're meant to be. And the world can go hang.Yes, I love this story. As much as I loved Cam's. Maybe even more (Mac is the only one that feels like buddy/brotherly type to me. No idea why, and can't help it). But it's still not my favorite.And, I love that Ian is literally all over the place. I still adore my favorite Mackenzie. Especially since he got to be the one that pushed all the right buttons at all the right moments. What would they do without him? *sigh*If you haven't already, do read Hart's story. It's lovely. It's incredible. It's yet another proof that Ms. Ashley is one hell of a writer.