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Knight (Unfinished Hero, #1) - Kristen Ashley Beware! Beware! 18+ review! No censure!My first Kristen Ashley book. To tell you the truth, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. But, Baba gave her stamp of approval, and there's all that buzz about Ms. Ashley's books, so I thought - let's give it a try......and a try was given. I'll tell you right now it's damn worth it, too.This book is hot. It pulls you right in, and doesn't let go. It even makes you pant. Yep. A lot.Knight (as in - book) is mildly kinky (D/s-ish) for an erotic novel. It's super kinky for a romance, though. So, if you have a problem with that kind of story, you probably won't be in for a ride. But, I'd highly recommend you give it a try anyway. Who knows... it's not too intense (in a D/s way), but it's super intense in a hot as fuck guy. And, speaking of a guy...Knight (as in - Knight Sebring) is anti-hero through and through. And, I'm kind of a sucker for those. No self esteem issues. No insecurities. He knows what he wants. He knows how he wants it. And he's gonna get it.I don't live in your world. I live in another world. It's my world. I took it over. I rebuilt it. I own it. I control it. I have a code. Anyone in my world lives by my code.See? Intense!Oh, and another one...“Did you beat up Steve?”I blurted that and I didn’t know why. If he didn’t, it was a rude thing to assume. If he did, I didn’t want to know.But he didn’t hesitate to reply, “No.”I felt relief sweep through me.“But I sent the boys who did,” he finished.I have no fuckin' idea what happened. I know myself. And this self would be extremely pissed off (not just annoyed - annoyed is such a mild word) by the very idea of reading a story about a controlling, possessive, shit to do/fuck me/babe talking guy. This self wouldn't love every minute of it. And I did. Oh, so much.Because, there's more to it than just that. Knight is sweet. Anya is perfect. Those two together are priceless. Their chemistry, dialogues, erotic story that's love story that's soooo hot, good, over the top...Actually, I caught myself loving it, despite all those things that usually do not work for me. Weird, huh?That's the main reason I won't say anything bad. After all, Knight is an anti-hero. It would be a shame, really, to create such a perfect specimen, and then spoil him by reforming him. It's a fantasy, dammit. And, in that fantasy, I'm fine with every single thing he does - and, if you've read it, you know what that means. It's good. I get him. He can be my Daddy anytime... and I thought I would never, ever say that, but there you have it!So...Daddy is not my thing.Pimp is not my thing.Possessive, control freak is not my thing.Fuck/Fuckin'/Fuck me/Babe/Shit conversation is not quite my thing.But, it all worked. Flawlessly, if I may add. And I want more!