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Wild Man (Dream Man, #2) - Kristen Ashley “Darlin’, the last time I walked into a mall was two presidents ago.”I stared at him in shock. Then I asked, “Is that even possible?”“I got a dick and I was single so, yeah, it’s possible.”I'd say "Excuse my French", but I suppose you're kind of used to it already, and it's not my French after all, so... I'll leave it at that.Anyway, this is not my favorite KA so far. Unfortunately. But, it's good. Damn good.I like the fact that both hero and heroine are over forty (again), and (even more) I like the fact that this is yet another story about survivors. Plain and simple.Tess is sweet. Seriously sweet, and there were some scenes that took my breath away. Still, she's got enough backbone to go through a lot (and, I mean a lot), and stay on her own two feet, shining along.Brock is... well, another badass, jerk-like, totally KA hero. I'm used to that now, so I had to love him from the second that chair hit that wall. It was obvious what that was about, even before he said the words, right?Yeah, I even loved the family drama addition. It gives another dimension to the story and understanding of characters. And... well, it can be fun.Basically, this is (another) wild meets sweet story, that is emotional, hot, funny and even hilarious at times. I loved Tess.I loved Brock. The fact that he's another protective, wild, hot, cuddling type is awesome.I loved side characters. They are nosy, loud, over the top in everybody's business... but, they are great.So, what's the thing?I'll put it this way...* They are both over forty.* She's sweet, kind of vulnerable, loving woman.* He's got kids.* His (psycho) ex is all over the place.* Her ex is... around.* He wants full custody.* A lot of family drama going on...Ring a bell?Yeah, I was thinking this is kind of too Sweet Dreams-ish. And I was kind of thinking I'm losing it... until I read Searock's review, and figured I'm good.So, that's it - minus one star, for it can't get any better than Sweet Dreams. But it's good, no matter.You know what's next, right?My spoiler/quote section. Enjoy! :)"I was staring at the contours of his back, the sleek skin, the defined muscles, thinking that wasn’t for me. It wasn’t for me. None of it.I knew it.I’d always known it. From the instant for months ago when his silver eyes hit me, travelled the length of my torso, all he could see of me behind the display cabinet, and when his eyes again hit mine, he’d smiled sexy, lazy and slow, I knew it.He wasn’t for me.There was no dream man for me.But he was so beautiful, I went for it anyway.""One could not say that Jake Knox was not a complicated man, he was. And although I knew him, I had no freaking clue.But that whole scene was wild. Then again, Jake – with his motorcycle boots, his bike, his beat up pickup, his old t-shirts that fit way too well, his faded jeans that fit better, his dark brown, longish, unruly hair, his silvery gray eyes that told a million stories without giving away a thing, his capacity to drink beer, down shots, eat hearty, howl at the moon and kiss so hard it was like he knew it was the last moment for every being on earth and he was going to make the most of it – was wild.Being with Jake was like the ride I once took on a mechanical bull. You could not even begin to guess which way that thing would buck. All you could do was hold on as tight as you could and enjoy the ride for as long as you had it."“Yes I am,” I whispered back. “I’m like all women. You see this but inside there’s something else that I won’t let you see or him see but it’s the mess he left me. But that’s mine. No one gets to it. Everything you get and he gets is a show. One thing you learn really quickly and really well when that kind of thing happens to you is to be a fucking great actress. You don’t have a choice in that because a man like that does something like that to you, you lose having choices. The only choice you have is what role you intend to play. I picked my role and that… that Agent Calhoun is what you see.”I stared into his smiling, warm, quicksilver eyes in the mirror but I wasn’t smiling.I was searching. But it was gone.“It’s gone,” I whispered, his smile faded and his brows drew together as his arms convulsed tight around me in reaction to my tone.“What’s gone, baby?”“That poisonous thing in my belly.”“My wild man,” I whispered. “My snake charmer.”He closed his eyes and shoved his face in my neck, groaning, “Fuck, Tess. ”I turned my head so my lips were at his ear and no lies, no masks, no bullshit, no games, I kept whispering when I told him, “I love you, Brock.”“Babe, forgot to tell you something.”I looked from reading the directions on the box of rice to Brock to see he had hauled himself up on the counter and was sitting on it.“Yeah?” I asked hesitantly.“Coupla weeks ago, you gave me a fuckin’ sweet nightie and words I loved hearing.”I felt my entire body go still as I held his eyes.“Forgot to mention I feel the same,” he stated and my insides hollowed out.“What?” I breathed.“Put down the rice and come here, baby, I wanna tell you I love you when you’re in my arms.”