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Law Man (Dream Man, #3) - Kristen Ashley "There were many things I wished in my life. Many. Too many to count.But the top one at that moment in time, scratched at the top of that list in a way I knew it would stay there a good long while, was that I wished with everything that was me that my life would lead me to a new life. One where I would hear Detective Mitch Lawson say my name in his deep voice that vibrated with his laughter time and time and time again."What a fine wish that is!Okay, first of all, I've tried. Honestly, I've tried to write this review times and again, since the moment I finished reading up until now.No good.Let me put it this way.It's too personal. The kids that end up growing up too soon, because their parents are nothing they should be. Thinking about it, knowing that many of those kids were not lucky enough to have someone close, to lean on, depend on... it just makes me so damn pissed. And, I'd end up raging about it for forever, and... well, it's just no use.What I'll tell you is this - if this was a perfect world, every kid would have a Mitch close by, and every good girl would have a Mitch to grow old with.Too bad it's not.But, still... it's one hell of a book. And, at least that way, it's great to have a glimpse of that perfect guy who'd stick through it all. *sigh*Here's what I'm talking about...“I know you’re smart and I know you’re a detective but I also know you don’t know everything. I especially know that you think you’ve figured me out but you don’t know everything about me.”“Then prove me wrong,” he returned instantly.“You don’t know it but you don’t want me to do that,” I advised.“Why? Because you’re not my kind?” I nodded. “Then you’re wrong and I’m right. I do know everything about you. Because out here in the real world, there aren’t ‘kinds’ and only someone twisted and fucked up or just plain stupid thinks there are. Since I don’t think you’re the last one that only means you’re the first two. But you waste your life thinking that way then you’re all three.”“Um… can I ask…” he started, I leaned in, raising my eyebrows encouragingly. “What are you doing Saturday between ten and twelve?”I leaned back and stared at him. I hated when this happened and it happened a lot.“Just that…” he grinned, “you might want to come over and have coffee. You know, make sure they get there all right.”“I’ll be taking care of my two children,” I blurted a semi-lie, he blinked and Roberta audibly choked down a laugh. His eyes shot to my left hand then back to my face.“Yes, she and her police detective boyfriend will be having coffee at that time,” Roberta chimed in, I turned wide eyes to her and she joined me at the counter. “He’s six foot three,” she added. “And never misses a workout,” she finished.“Right,” he muttered.“Never believed in this shit but now, I’m thinkin’ I fell in love with the promise of you the first time I saw you.”My body bucked as my breath hitched and the tears came back. “Mitch –”“And Bud and Billie mean more to me because they were the catalyst that got me in and gave me you. Just lucky they came with.”Another hitch another buck another broken, “Mitch –”“I love you, sweetheart,” he whispered.I shoved my face in his neck and burst into tears again. These lasted longer. When they faded, silently, he turned me and curled into my body, holding me close, his face in the back of my hair. And when the tightness in his arm around me relaxed, I whispered, “You’re my dream man.”“I know.”I blinked at my shadowed pillow. “Pardon?”“Mara, baby, never believed this shit either but now I know you were made for me. So, seein’ as that’s true, it goes the other way too.”Oh my God.“I was… I was… made for you?”“I’m a cop for a reason, honey.”“So you were made to save me,” I guessed, not sure I liked that.“No, I was made to protect you and you were made in a way that it would always be worth the effort.”Okay, that was good. I was definitely sure I liked that. Too much.“Oh shit,” I whispered, lips trembling, “I think I’m going to cry again.”His body shook but his arm got tight as his face burrowed deeper into my hair and I listened to him chuckle. Which kinda pissed me off. “Mitch! You don’t laugh during a heart to heart.”“You do during one that involves Marabelle Jolene Hanover.”I found myself glaring at my dark pillow. Then I realized I was exhausted from an orgasm, two crying jags and a heart to heart with Detective Mitch Lawson. So I muttered, “Whatever,” which got me another chuckle. And… whatever. I snuggled backwards into Mitch and his arm got tighter. His breath went steady and it got looser. But I didn’t fall asleep. I stared at the obscure folds of my pillow and played his words in my mind. Then I played them again. And repeat. And each time, my soul sighed. Then I went to sleep.“That's another thing that doesn't turn me off, sweetheart, knowin' that you come with those kids and you need to know that. You also need to know I want kids of my own, two of them. But I don't care, if this works out between me and you, that the kids we have will have an older brother and sister that don't have my blood, just my heart.”“Don’t mind me. Have your moment.”Mitch leaned back, letting Billy go and grinning at me. “Men don’t have moments.”“You do,” I returned. “I’m witnessing one.”“This isn’t a moment, honey, it’s a meeting of the minds,” Mitch contradicted me.“It’s a moment, Mitch,” I contradicted him.Mitch transferred his grin to Billy and asked, “Are we having a moment?”Billy stared up at Mitch then he looked at me. Then he answered, “Nope.”Billy didn’t even know what a moment was. He was just agreeing with Mitch because Mitch was a guy and I was a girl who was crying.