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For You (The 'Burg, #1) - Kristen Ashley First thing first:click, volume UP, aaaaaaand let's roll!Damn, I love this song!I must admit the murder didn't upset me. At all (sorry, I'm the girl that watches Discovery I.D. instead of a lullaby).But, I was seriously freaked the very second I figured what the title is about. Jeez! Not something you'd wish for, huh?“Your mother doesn’t fuck around,” Colt remarked.“I hope you didn’t have anything in there that was precious.”Colt looked at her and said, “The only things precious in life breathe.”Colt is... oh, do I even have to spell it out? I already feel like I'm repeating myself almost every time I write a KA review. Look at the shelf! These guys are seriously hot. They are so hot they need a new word for it!Anyway, I really liked this book. The history Colt and Feb have is great. It makes their story that much better, and the new chance they have that much more significant.I've already mentioned that I love forty something heroes and heroines. A lot! And they get to have a child! I was hoping for that, but I was still super happy when it happened!Is there anything new for me to say, that won't make me sound like a broken record? Honestly, I'm not sure.This is one great beginning of a series. It has all those KA details that make her such a great writer - fantastic hero and heroine, great plot, memorable and lovable side characters, sweet epilogue... One book, and you're hooked. Line, sinker and all. There are true emotions here, true humans with flaws, writing that's simple and compelling...It's not about philosophy and great wisdom, but it still has a strength to shake you, and leave you breathless.I think I've just said all I have to say about it. For the umpteenth time. So, you know what goes next.And, don't miss this one! It's worth it!“I’ll be in the mood for more than toast when I get up,” he told me.“Gotcha,” I replied, deciding that, if he wanted more than toast, he would get it. I’d make him a breakfast smorgasbord. I’d comb the woods for truffles on my hands and knees, nose to the forest floor if that’s what he wanted.He grinned and let me go. And I fled the room but tried to do it looking like I wasn’t.I didn’t touch him, get closer, nothing, just looked in his eyes when I gave him the only thing I had left to give.“Got a place inside me,” I whispered, “back then, way back then, I held it to me, don’t know why, maybe because I thought you were holding something back from me, but I never let you in.”He dropped his forehead to mine and closed his eyes. “Honey –”“You got in, Colt,” I said and watched, super close, as his eyes opened and his hands tightened on my neck, no squeeze this time, they stayed tight and I could feel the pad of every finger pressing into my skin.“Few days ago, you got in. I didn’t let you in, you just got in.” Finally I lifted my hands to his chest and bunched his shirt in my fingers. “I wanna lock you there,” I whispered, scared to death but sharing it all, hiding nothing, giving him everything, fighting the hitch in my voice that my tears were threatening. “Lock you up tight inside me, babe, and never let you out.”His hands came to my face and his lips came to mine. “Don’t want out, Feb.”“You say that but you don’t know what I mean.” My mouth moved under his. “I won’t let you out even if I make it so you want to leave.”“Baby, I’ll never want to leave.”My hands twisted in his shirt. “Promise me.”He didn’t promise me, not then or, more to the point, not with words. He kissed me, his mouth opening over mine, mine doing the same under his, his tongue spiking inside, his fingers gliding into my hair, fisting. I felt pain in my scalp but it didn’t register as I pressed into him, flattening my hands on his chest, caging them between us, caught up in a wordless promise that was the most beautiful thing I’d ever experienced, the most wondrous gift I’d ever been given in my life. It was only after he lifted his head that he said the words he didn’t need to say anymore.“I promise, February.”“Better go brief Dad. See you later, love you, babe.”Colt froze and just managed to force out a “Later, baby,” before Feb disconnected.See you later, love you, babe. That was how she would end every phone conversation they had which were daily when she wasn’t up visiting on a weekend when she was at home and he was at Purdue. See you later, love you, babe. He knew she’d been preoccupied when she said it, slipping back into a very old habit. He also didn’t fucking care. He flipped his phone shut, shoved it in his back jeans pocket, grabbed his muffin and entered the Station smiling.Then in my ear, he said, “I remember everything about you and I remember all the reasons why I loved you. Never could forget even when I tried.”I sucked in breath, unprepared for this stealth attack, while he went on.“Who knows, baby? We had all that time together, I coulda got used to it, learned to take it for granted.” His arms gave me a squeeze. “Now, that’ll never happen.”