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Motorcycle Man (Dream Man, #4) - Kristen Ashley I'm hyperventilating right now.HY-PER-VEN-TI-LAT-ING!And I'm in love, and I'm moving to Denver! Now, I've played with the idea of making this review spoiler-free, but I gave up on that like point five seconds into it. So, if you haven't read it, you steer clear. I wouldn't wanna spoil your fun.If you have (read it, I mean) keep scrolling and rock on!......Tack's story is what we've all been waiting for, right? From the very second he was mentioned, there was something in this guy that just... promised one hell of a ride.I'm happy to say now that it hadn't even scratched the surface. This story is so good, it's seriously whacked! I only wish it were longer. Say, the whole Rock Chick series type of long. That would (maybe) do the trick. But still...The story starts with Tyra finding her dream man. Scratch that - the story starts with Tyra in bed with her dream man. Not her type. Not her thing. But... Not that I blame her. Wouldn't exactly miss that shot."Beautiful. Perfect. Not my type and I never would have thought a man like him, a biker guy, a motorcycle man, rough and ready for anything, would be my type. But now that I found the man of my dreams, I knew he was perfect."Problem? Seconds later, reality strikes! “Time to get to your own bed, darlin’.”I blinked but the rest of my body froze.He moved.He exited the bed, grabbed his jeans and yanked them on. Then he sauntered to a door off the room, not even so much as glancing back as he said, “Leave your number and close the door on your way out, would you, Red?”Then he disappeared behind the door and shut it behind him.So, Kane “Tack” Allen is not on his best behavior.Surprise? Hm... not really.Problem (again)?Tack is Tyra's new boss. He does not sleep with his employees. He does not employ someone he slept with. But, Tyra needs that job. Face to face with her dream man, she's all sass and attitude. Is there any need to mention she won?“I’m not coward and I’m not going to be your plaything. I don’t know where I’m going or what I’m doing but I do know I’m Tyra Sidney Masters and Tyra Sidney Masters is not a coward and she’s not a plaything. That’s what I know. So, Tack Whoever-You-Are, bring it on.”And, the story just keeps getting better and better.'Cause Tyra is the girl who lived in black and white, and suddenly she finds herself blinded with colors. Biker guy, rough, no-excuses, straight-to-your-face, sweet, tortured, never-seen-better, love like no other type. Does that say something? Um... yeah!Tack is kind of unconventional Dad (euphemism of a century, ladies), but he loves his kids. He's solid. He's one great cook. He did what he had to do. He's doing what needs to be done. He's got tattoos that are telling a story so good and so frightening at the same time, it's beyond anything seen and heard.And, he's hoping for redemption.What he gets is, actually, a reward.The way these two are playing around each other was so good (from the page one) that it left me breathless. They both have attitude (a lot of attitude). They're on a rocky ground. And all the hell is about to break loose around them.But, Tyra needs to learn how to become a part of Tack's world, and she needs to learn that fast. Just like Tack needs to learn how to cope with his demons and let her in on all the later's he's afraid she won't be able to take.The funny thing is (or not) that Tyra had a lot more trouble handling the sweet Tack, than she did throwing sass around the mean-biker Tack. That was cute. It was precious.The way these two got to the sweet and colorful part of their story was the best I've had so far. And, that says a lot!“I color your world.”I blinked and my heart stopped. How did he…? Oh crap! I told him! Drunk, in the middle of great sex, I told him! Ohmigod!“I –”“I was right. You were asleep but you were dreamin’. You dream in black and white, babe. I gave you color. Now, you’re awake.”“Tack –”“You admitted it.”“Tack, please –”“You were drunk, wet, hot and way the fuck turned on but you still admitted it.”I did and the way he was looking at me, his blue eyes drilling into mine, I couldn’t deny it. And also, it was true. Damn.“I’m in no state so can we not talk about this?” I requested.“Yeah, we can not talk about this. Just want it confirmed you get that you gave that to me.”“I get that I gave that to you,” I whispered, powerless to do anything but.“Okay, baby, then now I’ll confirm that you get what it means to me.”I stayed silent and stared. Tack didn’t stay silent.“Seen a lot, done a lot, met a lot of people. Most of ‘em, I like. Some of ‘em, I don’t. Some of ‘em, I hate. But did so much and knew so many, the unexpected is rare. I color your world, you give me the unexpected. We’re now totally balanced, Red. You didn’t know it but you had the upper hand. Now I know what I give you, it means as much as what you give me, we’re on the same level. And I like it like that.”He was kind of freaking me out. And, contradictorily, he was kind of not.Call me goofy, but seeing this guy - biker, angel of vengeance, scary, over the top, couldn't wait to see what he's about - show his soft, loving, cuddling side, was the sweetest, cutest, the bestest of the best.There are so many layers, and so many different angles to the story, I still can't quite think straight.I love all things Tack (sorry, Babs, no way I'm skipping this one)! I love this story. I love every single word of it!Oh, boy...I'll (probably) have to get back to this, and do it all over again. I'm not in my right frame of mind right now. And, I simply know you can't hold it against me!“You don’t know this, baby, but some men have dream women too.”I hope so, Tack. I really hope so! *sigh*p.s. The rest of the quotes are in the spoiler part, 'cause there's a lot of it, and I just couldn't resist it.“You don’t get how big that was, that it was her, because I didn’t tell you.”“Tell me what?”“That I fell in love with you during tequila and roast pork sandwiches.”His big frame gave a small jerk, his eyes flashed and his fingers tensed on my face but I kept going. “It’s stupid, ridiculous actually, I know it. And I don’t care since I also know deep in my heart that it happened. Black and white, my whole life it seems I lived in black and white. I met you, suddenly all around me there was color.” I sucked in breath and whispered, “Then you kicked me out of bed.”...“I promised myself, as a little girl, that I would settle for nothing less than my dream man. Nothing less. It was crazy. I’ve thought on it and I don’t even know why I vowed that to myself. I just did. Girls do that, sure. Then the reality of life seeps in and they get over it. I never did. My dream man or nothing. So I looked for him my whole life. I was going to live that dream, I would settle for nothing less. So I had nothing until that night at Ride when I met you.”...“And I know you think I’m vulnerable, Tack. And I know you understand you have to teach me how to live in your world. But I’m not so stupid as to be partying with a bunch of rough and tumble bikers in the forecourt of a garage, drinking tequila and getting laid and through that convince myself the man I’m with is perfect, the man I’d been looking for, my dream man because I’m desperate to find him or the sex was great or I was drunk. The perfect I was looking for wasn’t perfection. The perfect I was looking for was the one. And he was you.” “But your pulse is there, baby.”“That movie you made me watch, first time at your house. Love and redemption. You said, ‘the most beautiful stories ever told are the most difficult to take’. You said that, Red. Right out. And I knew if you got that, when it was later and I shared my shit with you, you’d get me. I never thought my story was beautiful. I thought it was shit. But you said that and when you did, I saw it. The ride is not over but if I can keep my Club together and find a sweet, feisty woman who’s got my back and enough to her that she’ll stay there, holding me up not dragging me down, I figure I’d find my way to beauty eventually. And I’d find absolution because I’d know, I earned the love of that woman, a woman who’s got so much to her it’ll take years to dig down and find the heart of her, that would be my reward.”“You’re in love with me,” he stated and my breath left me.So I had to force out my, “I –”His head came up half an inch and he repeated, “You’re in love with me.”I closed my eyes.“Eyes, babe.” I opened my eyes. “You’re in love with me,” he said yet again.“Yes,” I whispered.“Since we met.”“I know it sounds crazy, Tack, but –”“Since we met.” I fell silent for a moment then said softly, “Yes.” “Thank fuck you needed that fuckin’ job enough to go head-to-head with me,” he muttered.“Um…” I started to correct, “I think I went head-to-head with you mostly because you were a jerk. It was only partly because of the job.” “Then thank fuck I was a jerk.”Who would have ever thought I’d agree with that? Still, I did.“Can I have coffee now?” I requested.“No.”“Tack!” I snapped.“I love you too, babe.”My mouth dropped open and I stared. But although my body was still and my mind was blank, my belly got warm and my heart tripped before it got light. Tack wasn’t done.“Watchin’ that fuckin’ movie, minute my fingers curled around your chin, turned your face to mine and I saw you were cryin’, that’s when it happened.”Oh hell. I started crying right then.“Or, coulda been when I saw you in your yoga shit,” he muttered, watching the tears fill my eyes. “I thank you for helpin’ me make that baby inside you. I thank you for takin’ your place in my world and likin’ it. I thank you for bein’ a good stepmom to my kids and givin’ Tab what she needed and never had. And I thank you most of all for bein’ you, givin’ as good as you get in all the ways you can, makin’ sure my life is never boring and makin’ sure I go to bed content and wake up happy to face the coming day.”