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Packing Heat - Kele Moon This was quite a surprise! I have to admit, my expectations weren't high, and I picked this one just hoping for a short, pleasant read.Oh, my...It doesn't seem that short once you start reading it, but maybe it's because you can't not fall in love with these guys right from the start.Brad is a firefighter, totally alpha, gay, rough and in (serious) lust with his roommate for months.Gavin is a police officer - tall, tough, and... kind of straight. Or so he seems, at least, until he decides to... well, get out of the closet.“I’m secure in my sexuality. I don’t care that you’re gay.”“Thanks, Gav,” Brad said, the bite in his voice harsh even to his ears. “Right back atcha. Most gay guys avoid drunk, straight assholes who think they deserve some sorta stud medal for letting us be in their presence, but don’t worry, I’m secure enough to deal with the bullshit.”...“I’m not really secure in my sexuality,” Gavin whispered over the hum of the television. “That was bullshit.”Brad looked toward the ceiling, praying for patience. The only thing worse than a closeted gay man was one who had his head so far up his ass he didn’t realize he had the inclination.Gavin, for example.For such a short read, this was delivered perfectly. Characters have depth, Brad's bitchy behavior is justified and explained in details, sex scenes are hot, steaming and... well, simply perfect.We can see where these guys are coming from, what happened to make them who they are today... and that handcuffs scene was so heartbreaking.All in all, the title is more than appropriate! This story is literally packing heat - both ways!I loved Brad's grumbling from the page one, but then Gavin kind of stole my heart too, and I can't remember when (if ever) has a short read left me feeling this good.What's most important, there's even an epilogue here! Quite satisfying, if I may add.You should definitely give Ms. Moon a chance, if you haven't already. She so deserves it!