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Master of the Abyss  - Cherise Sinclair What a story...While I was reading Master of the Mountain, all those hints about Jake made me grab this book and read it right away. And, I'm sooo glad I have.Logan is haunted by nightmares, but Jake is haunted by his own guilt, for two years already. After uncollaring his slave Mimi, she committed suicide. That's when Jake swore against commitment and long-term relationships and started using his one-night-only rule. Well... until Kallie showed up, at least. With her, one-night-only happened on several occasions.Mimi was all for TPE type of relationship, and nothing less, which is the very reason Jake decided to let her go. He couldn't do it. Not that I blame him, though. TPE is definitely not my thing, mostly because I love heroines who are strong and feisty, even if they are subs.Kallie is full of her own fears and insecurities, and once those clash with Jake's you can't help but think they'll never manage to figure it all out. Not with Jake coming, running and coming all the time.And, then there's the watcher...Master of the Abyss is a wonderful story. I loved to see Rebecca and Logan again, and especially loved how she managed to push both Logan and Jake out of their isolation. They seem completely human for a change.I loved Kallie and Jake. The way they are together, and how good they are for each other.But,what I loved most of all was that both Kallie and Jake got the chance to let go of their fears, free themselves from the past and have a fresh - scar free - beginning. That was precious.