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The Wedding Deal - Marie Kelly I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how this book found its place on my pile. Even worse than that - what was I thinking when I decided to give it a go? Completely beyond me.Sadly, "me giving it a go" happened three months ago - while I was off & unaware of the blurb that says it all. Not the luckiest day of my life, that's for sure.Anyway - The Wedding Deal is... you know, somewhat a classic - he wants a contract marriage (and kids), she needs (a lot of) money, blackmail, trouble, yadda, yadda, yadda.Now, if you check the blurb, there's this quote“Because marriage is something that too many rush into with no real thought of what they actually want......I want a woman who understands my lifestyle...who will produce for me the children I want, and if all fails will not take away most of my business......or my children”that brings me straight to my first HUGE issue.Yes. THE DOTS. How many of those could a person possibly need? Six? Seven? Ten? A gazillion??? The form of an ellipsis most people use is a pre-composed triple-dot glyph (...) OR a row of three periods or full stops (. . .). THREE! Not six. Not seven. Not eight. Three.Do you have any idea how distracting it is to look at all those dots almost each and every time you try to read a dialogue? Those are not dramatic pauses. They're more like minutes of silence - in the middle of a sentence. Every sentence. Honestly, if I had the sad misfortune to ever meet a person who speaks that way, I'd just leave. In....... the...... middle....... of...... his....... sentence. The dots middle.Another thing that made me want to bang my head against the wall is all the giggling/chuckling and/or grinning. At least once per page.It was seriously getting on my nerves. And I mean seriously.Most of you already know that my OCD does not allow leaving a book unfinished. It's a major pain in the a$$. But, by the time I hit 50% mark, my OCD & I agreed this needs to stop.That's when some major skimming commenced. I was so happily skimming, skimming, skimming... and came to the very end. Well, what do you know! Here's a quote:“Maybe.... John tried bullying Maggie.......but she is as tough as he is” chuckling she had continued. Yep. Haven't missed a thing. It makes me feel so sad.