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Fix You - Mari Carr *sigh*Dear friends, this is what happened...It's a story about Robbie and Zoey. About twenty five years of friendship. About love. Fear. Happiness. Life. About (most wonderful) second chances. About all the ways there are to fix each other. And promises. A lot of promises."Will you promise to be my friend when school starts?""Promise you won’t let me fail Algebra.""Promise you’ll tell me if I have food in my teeth.""Promise when you’re a famous musician, you’ll write a song for me.""Promise you’ll always be my friend, no matter where we go or who we grow up to be."“Life moves fast, things change. Sometimes I think our only job on this planet is to hold on so we don’t get thrown off the ride.”For such a short read, it's packed with emotions, sex, memories, dreams, tears, laughter, joy...I only wish it were longer. I wanted to stay there, in the world of Zoey and Robbie, play those songs and smile.Fix You is such a wonderful, wonderful surprise.Read it, you guys!"It felt as if his life passed before his eyes as a million images flew through his mind.Of a pretty little girl with sad eyes, pretending to know how to play basketball so he’d keep her company.Of that same girl as a teenager, closing her eyes as he kissed her under the pine trees.Of the look of shock in her ice-blue eyes when she pressed her body to his the first time they danced and realized how much he wanted her.Of her mischievous gaze, her face covered with shaving cream as they wrestled in the bathroom.Of her trying to hide a black eye while swallowing her pride and asking if she could come back home.Of those same eyes, puffy from too many shed tears, as she told him she had cancer.All his life, it was her eyes—Zoey’s beautiful blue eyes—that called to him, spoke to his heart. A tune jiggled and a song played. Her song."