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Show Me Yours - Kaje Harper Hello, lovelies!Enjoy reading good m/m stories, do you? Wanna see what happens in one about friends-to-lovers, with a dash of angst, homophobia, rate-the-sexual-kink game, and some elephants tap dancing around? Well, I've got just the thing for you!Trey and Josh have been friends since they were kids. Best friends ever. But, when they were seventeen, Josh's family moved away because of one event that made both boys think of all gays as pedophiles... or not. Actually, Trey was already sure he's gay, and now he was also sure he'll never get a chance to tell Josh he's in love with him.Eight years, and a lot of IMing and phone calls, later Josh shows up at Trey's door and asks for help - one week of helping him run his Aunt's store and taking care of animals - especially one man-hating vicious pony!Josh had somehow kept this illusion in his brain that things hadn't changed. That Trey was still his best friend, at his back, always there for him, the one guy who would never ask why if he needed help. And now he'd asked, and Trey had said no.Well, I don't blame the poor guy! He's convinced his friend is straight and homophobic, and spending a whole week together is not easy, when he's doing his best not to show how he feels. But, Trey being Trey couldn't let Josh feel hurt, so he changed his mind. One week is not that long, is it?Trey sighed theatrically. "What kind of friend would I be if I refused to get kicked in the nuts for you? Bring it on. How bad can one pony be?"Through the cotton over his face, Josh said, "You'll find out."So, there they are. Trying not to be awkward around each other. Trying to bring back that connection they had. Trying so hard to live with the memories, the nightmares... and avoiding those tap-dancing elephants.But, once the truth comes out, it's gonna shock the hell out of them both..."Trey, if you're trying to weird me out with that shit it won't work. Remember Stef?""Your girlfriend Stephanie?""My boyfriend Stefan. I'm bi."And, if you, even for a second, thought that was it, and everything is fine and dandy with these two now... you're so wrong! They have a long way to go, families to survive, insecurities to deal with, lives to sort out... There are also some very fine sex games to play, and Josh's elephant is still tap-dancing around the room - but, not for long.Trey's laugh was soft and indulgent, not mocking. "Okay, here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to talk about sex stuff, things we can do. And you're going to rate it on a scale from zero-I-hate-that to ten-gives-me-a-woody-even-with-my-mother-in-the-room.""I'm not sure a ten exists.""Ah, that will be part of the fun. We're going to find your ten."So, there you have it. A wonderful, sweet, realistic story about two amazing guys, and their long journey home - to each other.I loved it! I loved both Trey and Josh so much! Even the lack of communication and all the misunderstandings and insecurities failed to bother me, because there is (for once) a good reason for it all.I hope you'll give these boys a chance! They so deserve it!Josh sighed and relaxed, spooning in against Trey's side. "With you I can just be me. I'm home." And it felt like truth down to the center of his being. He was finally where he belonged.