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My Serbian Wolf - Charisma Knight Why am I doing this?Am I a masochist?I stumbled upon this title, and thought it was simply a bad case of misspelling. Then I realized it isn't. And, I decided I have to read it.Sooooo... I read it! *insert unicorn vomiting here*Oh, this is bad!Okay, first of all – the cover. You may have noticed already that I am notorius for not paying too much attention to covers or titles. But, this I have to ask - why is there a yellow nail polish involved? Have I missed some vital thing in the book? No? Hm... never mind.The prologue starts..."When love is strong enough between two souls, it transcends through the layers of time. Zena Vuk and Niko, Serbian wolf shifters, share a strong bond that has endured throughout many centuries, and even the curse of Tsar Uros Hrebeljanovic, successor to Prince Banovic Nemanjic cannot keep them apart.Serbia, 1389"Why is this important, you ask?Well, my dear friends, since most of you are not from Serbia, I'll explain it so you can understand what's such a big deal here.The Battle of Kosovo, one of the most important events in our history, and for our identity, happened in 1389. It seems like it'll never stop sometimes. It's not something to joke about. It's not something to mention in a bad book. And, you should never, ever (basically) say that we would have won that battle, if only we had shifters on our side. Bad, bad joke!Here’s a hint for you: people tend to be lazy. So, if you write/say something, you have to consider that someone will likely decide against checking the facts, and simply adopt your words.That’s how the whole Romeo and Juliet thing got out of hand.If you told some of those admirers that Juliet was only thirteen (not twenty-something) and that the whole thing happened in less than a week, they’d probably ask what the hell you're talking about. Sadly, that’s how it goes.I should know – my neighbor adores the story of Romeo and Juliet, and she’s all sighs and hearts about that romantic, tragic love... and, I’m like – read the damn thing already!So, you should (in my humble opinion) for the sake of people that actually do read, either stick with the real names and historical figures, or make the whole thing up. It’s easier, it’s better, and nobody’ll get upset over it.Another issue for me here are the names. She's Zena Vuk. He's Niko.Well, translate it from Serbian to English, and Zena Vuk becomes Woman Wolf. That's what I did. Translated the damn name in my mind each and every time I read it. And, since I translated her name, I couldn't help but do the same with his. Niko means Nobody.So, this is a story about Woman Wolf and Nobody.Not working for me, hello!One more thing – I love endearments. Seriously. I don’t care the language. So, as I don’t mind them in English/Italian/French/Spanish/Greek, there’s no reason whatsoever to have a problem with one that’s in my native language.Except... the one that’s so liberally used here – ljubavnica – means lover. But, it’s not an endearment. It’s commonly used only as a synonym for "the other woman". Not flattering, right?That’s another thing that kept bugging me. Why would you call your woman that?The story itself is so bad, it's almost unfathomable.So, the prologue is happening in Serbia in 14th century. Niko is making a sacrifice for his pack, and has to leave his woman... whatever.First chapter - Maryland, 2o1o., and we have a Rebecca Johnson who is visiting Niko in his realm. Who is she? Why? How? Oh... whatever.She’s saying she doesn’t want anyone but Niko, and yet she has two daughters that are supposedly Niko’s, but their father is some Mike guy.They are meeting in his realm, and on the second visit he tells her they must stop seeing each other.And, then, the very next morning (she's confused, and can't remember the dream) she meets Nicholai Beljoca and his son in the grocery store.Nine months later, they are married. And, he’s telling her it’s all good. The curse is gone, and they can finally enjoy their life together. Um... whatever.Her daughters are their daughters, and he has a son with another woman, but it’s almost the same as if it were her child. Oh... devoted, my darling shifter mate whatever thing!All this happens in 65 pages! Just a random FYI! And, let me show you how bad, bad, bad it actually is...“You can warm me with your body, and your seed.” Seriously? His seed is warming? “Oh my God, I’m so wet for you.”...“You always know when I’m hot for you.”...“Don’t! This is my favorite nightgown,” Rebecca whispered in a choked and non convincing voice.“How wet are you for me?”“Extremely wet.”“Don’t stop. Fuck me in your beast form!”“Are you sure in what you say? The beast will fuck you hard, and without mercy.”I need therapy after this.And one hell of a good book to forget all about... whatever this was.I'd appreciate suggestions. Thank you.And, here IT goes again! P.S. My girl Dinjolina and I had a lot of fun ranting about the book here! Just in case you need more horrible details that couldn't be mentioned in this review! :)