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Reaper's Property  - Joanna Wylde “Someday,” he whispered softly in my ear. “I don’t want to hurt you. Not until you’re ready for me… But someday I’m going to own all of you, Marie. You’re all mine, babe. Knew it the first time I saw you. Couldn’t give you up if I tried.”I'm hoping I'll manage to write something coherent, but... this story blew a circuit in my brain, or something, so bear with me here!Meet Marie Jensen - she left her cheating, abusive, good-for-nothing husband, and moved back in with her brother Jeff. Trying to sort her life out. Not looking for trouble. Not looking for a man... Especially NOT looking for a hot, dangerous, badass, biker guy.So, meet Marcus Antonius Caesar McDonnell - a.k.a. Horse - hot, dangerous, badass, tattooed, biker guy. One of the members of Reapers MC, that visit her brother quite often.They live in two utterly different worlds, that are about to collide, and once it happens there will be no turning back!Gotta admit this, at the very beginning of the story, I had no idea what to expect. It starts off in the middle of that horrible scene with Jeff (trouble!), and then keeps jumping back and forth between present and all the flashbacks of Marie moving in, meeting the Reapers, and her moments with Horse.First, I was worried it'll turn out to be too dark and heavy, as that opening scene does look a bit scary.Then I was seriously worried it'll be too funny, and the whole story will turn out to be ridiculous.And, then... Well, I just fell in love!His eyes were bloodshot and the muscles in his unshaven jaw clenched. He lifted my hand and kissed it very softly. That’s when I saw his knuckles.They were completely torn up, crusted over with blood.He followed my gaze, shaking his head slowly, offering me a strange, sad little smile.Seriously, the way Horse took care of Marie, that time when he'd programmed himself into the "favorites" list on her phone, all the times he showed his gentle, sweet side, everything he offered...By the time I read his POV of that scene with Jeff, I was gone, gone, gone!Okay, yes, Horse did act all hot & cold, not to mention there were moments he made me laugh like crazy... What? Well, he's funny, and just picturing that huge badass guy letting his niece name his dog Ariel, and his mother decorating his (now cutesy) kitchen (“I made her stop because I don’t have a pussy and I didn’t want to start growing one,” he replied, voice testy.)... precious!Horse's POV, along with the moments of his kind of honesty, is what made this story really work!“You wanted to know what a sweet butt is?” Horse whispered in my ear, pausing a second to trail his tongue along the shell of my ear. I shivered, twitching around his fingers deep inside. “That’s a sweet butt. She’s here to take cock and clean up after the party. Anyone who wants her can have her. Do you think for one minute that I see you like that? That I ever could?”Yes, I'm doing my best not to turn this review into a long panting/drooling session. Because, honestly, the story is OMG so hot I was melting!But, what made it so special is this - Reaper's Property is much more than just a hot, at times funny, story. It's about loyalty, choices, life, greed, money, brotherhood, respect, trust... grief.The song soared around us as Picnic threw the two sets of patched leathers into the fire. All around me I heard women sniffling. Men blinked quickly, their eyes suspiciously moist. All too soon the song ended and the leather cuts were lost in the flame.It was official. Bagger had left the Reapers behind.It's all that... and you better read it!And, because I enjoyed it so much, and got the chance to buddy read with V (not to mention spoiler-torture her - love you, V!), it turned into a solid five star read for me! Gosh, I do hope this'll turn into a series, as I'd really love to read more about all those wonderful characters we get to meet here!Oh, just one more thing! Horse, babe...