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Soul Avenged - Keri Lake You know that feeling when you're staring at a blank page, trying to figure out a way to pour all the joy, excitement, happiness... all the spectrum of emotions bubbling up inside you, and failing miserably? No? Well, lucky you!It's funny, actually, how words seem to fail me every single time I fall in love with a book...Let's try it this way - have you read Soul Avenged yet? No? What are you waiting for? Go, right now, and once you finish it, you can keep me company while I bite my nails waiting for the SoW #2! Trust me, you'll want it - need it - as much as I do now. You won't be able to resist! This book will blow your mind!But, let me explain things a bit...First of all, a note to self - do NOT worry about the Glossary, and just start reading. Seriously, once I saw Brozszius, Gaszla, Servosx, Zshula ... I couldn't help but think - what have I gotten myself into this time??? But, page one - I was already hooked, and forgot all about it.I'm pretty sure this is the best paranormal/urban fantasy book I've read so far. It pulls you right in, holds your attention, and doesn't let go. Quite a page-turner! You'll meet a bunch of paranormals here - Demons, Lycans, Alexi, ghouls... You'll laugh, giggle, frown, yell and fall in love!Ayden is an awesome, kickass heroine (the very first badass one that did not annoy the hell out of me!), and she just got herself a human halfling. Now she has seven days before the halfling turns into a Lycan. Seven days to find out what she needs, before she has to kill him. And those seven days are exactly what Soul Avenged is all about.So, here we have Ayden - an Alexi soldier, killing machine, and then there's Kane - this poor, average human/halfling, and then here's me thinking - this is soooooo not gonna work! Well, that thought lasted until Kane opened his mouth and spoke properly for the first time. I was too busy happy dancing around to worry about him (not) being alpha enough - and, he is. Oh, my, he most definitely is!Those witty/sarcastic/snappy dialogues and lines are just what I needed, wanted, and what I was hoping I'll find. Damn, I could quote pages and pages of it, and that would be just Ayden and Kane, without even mentioning the... oh, wait!“So Ayden’s been … wronged. I’ll assume by lycans, considering how fond of me she is.” He rubbed his non-greasy hand down his face. “And she’s sicced the prince of violence and all his sons on me. Fantastic.”Let me introduce you to Wrath brothers! They are (picky) demons for hire. They live in a mansion. They are HOT! And, there's seven of them.If I had to choose right now, I'd go with Gavin, Logan and Zayne - but I do expect to change my mind... often.Please don't ask if they are similar to BDB. I have no idea. Haven't read BDB yet. I'll just stick with these hotties. They are more than enough.So, why should you read Soul Avenged?Because it's one hell of a story.Because Keri Lake is incredibly talented writer.Because her world-building is exquisite, her characters are flawed, damaged, alluring, witty, real...Because she'll show you that the greatest weakness can sometimes turn out to be the greatest strength.Because this is not an easy, light or short read. It's full of action, it's bloody at times - definitely NOT for the faint of hearts - but, once you start reading, you won't be able to stop, and by the time you finish it, you will most definitely want more. Much more. And you'll want it right now!*** ARC kindly provided by the Author in exchange for an honest review ***